What warranties do we provide?

Our goal is to provide you more comfortable and safe life behind the wheel! This means that we do not just handle the equipment installation but we also offer ready-made solutions with guaranteed result.

Our special customer service aims to deliver you the confidence in your correct choice and possibility to use the purchased equipment freely and with joy.

The kind of support we offer after the equipment installation carried out by us:

  1. Training on usage. The full training on how to use the equipment for its full understanding. If necessary, our consultants will explain and show everything with a great detail no matter how much time it takes. Our consultants have received a special training on teaching, and you have all chances to learn everything.
  2. Questions that arise during the use of equipment. Unlimited technical support and answers to questions at the period of usage and during all the time of exploitation of the purchased equipment. It means that you can - and certainly should contact us with any questions regarding exploitation of the equipment in case if you do not quite understand something or are in doubt. Regardless of the limitation period of installation feel free to contact us as many times as it takes up to achieving the full understanding or solution of the issue. The only condition is that the equipment should be purchased by namely you.
  3. Doubts in the correct choice. Definitely inform us and visit us if you face any doubts or difficulties regarding the equipment during the period of its use. Nearly every installation is an individual approach to your requirements and needs as well as the characteristics of the machine. Sometimes we do not fulfill your requirements to 100%, and you might not be quite satisfied or might be bothered by something after starting to use the equipment. It is essential to inform us about that as soon as possible! There has been no such a case when we would have not solved the problem and have not found a solution to make our customers happy!


Equipment warranty

We provide a 2-year warranty for equipment. This means that during 2 years from the date of the equipment installation we are responsible for its operation, and during 2 years we guarantee free of charge repair of equipment, maintenance or replacement in the event of its defect or malfunction. For warranty repair, if required, we remove and install the equipment in car ourselves and at our own expense.


Warranty for works

We provide conditional unlimited warranty for the performed works. This means that we guarantee the installation according to all rules and risks, both standard and based on our experience. If you face difficulties that are associated directly with installation, not operation of the equipment, for instance, if you have issue with mount or contact, which has occurred due to a wrong approach to the installation caused by our side, we will solve this problem under warranty without any time limits.


Terms of warranty repair, maintenance and compensations

In case you need to define or delete a mistake in computer that has occurred after our work, we will compensate the diagnostic works performed in the official agency on the basis of the bill for the name of our company. Elimination of the detected issue, order and replacement of the defective or damaged due to our fault parts shall be handled by ourselves in our workshop. 

We compensate for the cost of repair works in the car if something goes out of order due to our fault only in case if we cannot resolve the issue by ourselves. The condition of such compensation is a preliminary agreement of the required repair works, place of carrying out the repairs and, subsequently, receipt of the bill for repairs issued for the name of our company.

We can compensate for the of spent personal time and moral damage in providing an additional discount or a gift card on future purchases with us. We do not offer monetary compensation for this.

During the warranty period, the equipment installed by us shall be repaired or maintained in our workshop only. The installation performed by us can be corrected free of charge only in our workshop and by our masters. We do not compensate for the repair and maintenance of the equipment installed by us or the correction of our installation carried out by other workshops.

In case if addressing the other workshops regarding the repair of equipment, installed by us, you undertake to pay for these works yourself even in case of valid warranty.

We reserve the right to refuse the warranty obligations if the repair of our equipment was performed in some other place without our prior approval.

We carry out repairs and maintenance only in our workshop. We do not provide on-site warranty repairs.

We do not provide other equipment to replace the one which is being repaired.

Where possible we are trying to resolve the issue straight away, however, often for warranty repairs, as well as a normal installation, you would have to make an appointment in the workshop. It is also important in order to allow the customers, whose vehicles are already in operation, to receive their service at time as well. It is essential for us to solve the problem as soon as possible, however, it should not make other customers unhappy. One has to keep in mind that sometimes a problem cannot be solved straight away and it might take a few days to get resolved.

In any case, our goal is to make your life more comfortable, and even when some issues occur, we will do everything it takes us to make your life happier. 

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