Our system of colours

In order to make it easy for You to navigate on our page, we divided all items into categories and marked them with different colours.


BLUE means a High-End product. It is like Stradivari’s violin or Renoir’s painting. Should You be very demanding to every small detail and require perfection in everything, BLUE is Your colour.


Opt for RED, if the car is your second home, and you are interested in the maximum range of functions, power or the utmost comfort. RED suits ideally, if You want to surprise your friends and stand out among the others.


Yellow is associated with the most popular products. They are always value for money. They only include the most essential requirements to the service or device opportunities. If the car is a family member, but you do not need bells and whistles – this is your solution!


Do you need something minimally functional, but quality? You intend to use the car half a year – maximum a year – and it is your workhorse? Тhen you can boldly choose items marked with GREEN!

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