Your tow bar price was very good if you compare it to your competitiors in Finland. Your help desk did good job to find right tow bar.
Pekka Mukkala, Hyundai i30 wagon

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Vetokoukun asennus B8 Audiin onnistui hyvin. Hyvä palvelu, suosittelen. Lähellä Tallinnan keskustaa.
J.S. Audi A4 2.0TDI 2009

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Steinhof and Thule tow bars

Are you looking for a really safe towing system? We offer leading manufacturers tow bars: Steinhof and Thule.

Steinhof tow bars look respectfully and have the best correleation fo quality and price. Steinhof detachable tow bars are equipped with easy-to-use and safe lockable mechanism. 

Steinhof tow bars are safe qualitative tow bars of European production. Steinhof company produces tow bars for longer than 20 years! All the towbars have passed quality control and have the appropriate certificates. *

Fixed Steinhof tow bar with installation costs
250€ 220€
Detachable Steinhof tow bar with installation costs  
389€ 350€ 
For the cars, that electric block is necessary for the lights connection, the price will be 59€ 55€ higher.

* ISO 9001:2008, TÜV CERT.
** Tow bar fixation type depends on car model. Contact us and we will send a proposal for your car model. 

Stationary towbar Steinhof and Thule (Brink)

Apart from detachable towbars, Thule produce stationary, non-detachable towbars, firmly fixed on the vehicle. Their unbeatable advantage lies in the price – they are considerably cheaper than the detachable ones.

Prices with installation start from 295 €


Detachable Steinhof and Thule (Brink) towing system

Should you need the towbar occasionally, and you definitely would not like to have it sticking out from under the rear bumper, the detachable towbar is exactly what you need.
It is convenient, reliable and easy in operation. Thule company have ensured easy disconnection of towbar, maintaining at the same time its high quality.

Prices start from 415€, installation included


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